I don’t know about you, but I love to eat. I could happily munch my way through a family size meal deal and still have room for more. If calories and the risk of heart disease weren’t in the equation, I would be content to eat nothing but fast food for the rest of my life.

So you can only imagine my joy when I discovered that eating an insane amount of greasy food is now an actual job which pays cold hard cash.

The trend, known as ‘Mukbang’, has taken YouTube by storm as hot women and men gorge themselves on fried foods in front of the camera.

Of course, food challenges are not a new phenomenon on YouTube. The need to eat in excess for views has existed since the birth of the video-sharing website. However, ‘Mukbang’ isn’t your typical Man v. Food challenge…

Check out the video below to see a typical example of mukbang:

Instead, the videos feature a host – who is typically a young and attractive woman – chatting informally to the camera as they eat. If it wasn’t for the screen that divides you, you could easily feel as though you were relaxing with a friend.