Fashion may be superficial, but it can really say a lot about you as a person. For instance, it can show people that you’re basically a sheep if you insist on buying clothing that will get you brownie points from everyone else with the same, generic fashion sense.

You can also show people that you are completely indifferent to fashion by donning the most basic clothes you can find, and through your personal style, show that you live an unconventional lifestyle and that you’re someone who refuses to conform to societal norms.

But unconventional fashion is about a lot more than just yoga pants and burlap shirts. Yep, some outfits are truly outrageous.

Check out 10 of the most bizarre fashion subcultures:

1. She’s like Cruella Deville but for pigeons

Man, that’s creepy…

2. Wouldn’t you just love to assemble that?

Better that than a chest of drawers…