Acts of bravery and selflessness are some of the most commendable things a person can do. And although these qualities can be hard to come by these days, this story will restore your faith in the goodness of people.

Yes, a trio of villagers in Brazil saved a defenseless puppy from certain death, as gripping footage has emerged online of them putting themselves in harm’s way as they wrestle with a giant anaconda!

Watch the dramatic moment the dog was saved from being eaten by an anaconda:

The dog was rescued by the fearless villagers who immediately took action when they saw the vulnerable pup being captured by a 15ft-long anaconda.

It seemed almost inevitable that the dog would succumb to an awful fate when it was snatched away by the giant snake, which then dragged the pooch into the nearby river in order to drown it.

The villagers were forced to batter the snake with a huge pole in order to retrieve the pup, being able to free the pooch from the snake’s constricting grip and bring it back to safety.

At the beginning of the video, two very brave men can be seen pulling the snake by its tail as it attempts to get away with its prey.

According to the man who filmed the video, Andrew Barao, the dog had gone missing from a nearby farm earlier that day.

Barao said the local villagers immediately did what they could to help the dog and save it from a vicious death.

They then drag the massive snake out of the water, all while the dog can be seen wrapped up in the snake’s coil.

In order to free the dog from the snake’s grasp, the men then begin shaking the dog.

One of the men very bravely attempts to manually remove the dog from the snake before grabbing the pole and hitting the anaconda. It takes a few hard whacks before the dog eventually manages to escape.

Dog lovers all over the world were rejoicing at the dog’s incredible rescue, and who can blame them? Dogs truly are man’s best friend and evidently, we will go to great lengths to keep them safe.