We all know that social media has given us a platform to shamelessly bring out the vainest, most narcissistic aspects of our personality. It’s a hotbed of people trying to convince their friends, acquaintances, and let’s face it, a bunch of strangers, that their lives are more exciting and fabulous than they actually are.

However, no one has attempted to mislead people more so than those on this list. Prepare yourself for some of the most deceptive behavior to have taken place on the internet.

Watch popular YouTuber AzzyLand give her take on the liars of social media:

1. When someone asks for a sexy photo

Is this sexy enough for you?

2. Yeah, I’m pretty sure it’s not the last one

It didn’t take long to figure that one out…

3. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen that exact arm in a different photo

He ain’t got muscles but he’s got balls.