Animal abuse, in all its various forms, is absolutely unacceptable in every single circumstance. But it is especially alarming when perpetrated by someone whose job revolves around caring for animals and ensuring their wellbeing.

An online gamer is facing a huge backlash after admitting to intentionally killing a dog during a live-streamed interview on Tuesday.

The interview was posted on Twitter by another video gamer by the name of Dion Anderson:

Simone Scott, also known as “Aqua”, said that she killed the pooch while working as a veterinary technician.

The popular gamer made the revelation during an interview on Twitch, an Amazon live streaming platform which allows people to make money by broadcasting themselves playing games.

During the interview, Rajj Patel asks Scott and two other female gamers what they thought the worst thing they’d ever done was.

Scott said she “once killed someone’s dog on purpose” but did not reveal where she worked when the incident happened.

When Patel asked for her to expand on her story, Scott replied, “Yeah, but no one knew because, you know, I’m a professional.”

“Oh my god, oh no, oh my god! That’s really bad,” Patel said. “I’m going to pretend like you didn’t you say that.”

“It was an accident,” Scott then said after Patel prompted her to say it was unintentional.

When another gamer expressed concern about the situation, Scott seemed to imply that the dog’s owner deserved it.

“It was a really bad person, so…” she started.

Scott, who has an impressive 1,180 followers on Twitch, has not been online since the incident and has yet to comment on the backlash she has received.

Numerous Twitch users have weighed in on the situation and have left comments stating their intentions to report Scott for what she did.

After the shocking revelation, Patel described animal abuse as “completely unacceptable and morally reprehensible” on Twitter. He also said that Scott has been banned from appearing on his platform again.

If it is true that Simone Scott did indeed intentionally end the life of an innocent, defenseless dog, then it goes without saying that she should be brought to justice for her crimes. Killing a dog is no better or worse than ending the life of a human being.