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Are you having Winter Olympics withdrawal symptoms? It may have only been a few days since the winter sports stars decamped from Pyeongchang and headed home with their medal loot, but it’s felt like a lifetime for those of us who became hooked on the games.

Where do we now turn when we want to see people hurtle down an icy chute on a glorified baking tray? Where do the figure skating couples go once it’s all over? Will the world keep turning if the skiers stop throwing themselves off mountainsides? We all have a lot of questions.

It will be another four years before the Winter Olympics return, so we have a long time to wait for the answers. In the meantime, why not indulge your winter sports obsession by watching all the thrills and spills that come complimentary with such dangerous activities.

A prime example is this shocking moment from 2015 when Canadian skeleton racer, Jane Channell had a broom join her on the track.

The intense moment left the commentators at the European Championships speechless as they watched Channell speed down the track oblivious to the danger that she is in.

Watch the dramatic moment as it happened that day…

Luckily Channell was unharmed by the uninvited object and was even granted permission to re-do her run. Remarkably, she was slower on her second attempt, ultimately finishing 11th overall.

Thankfully this enormous blunder didn’t end Channell’s career. Since the incident, the 29-year-old skeleton star has gone on to compete for Canada in this year’s Winter Olympics – although she unfortunately didn’t place on the podium.