The world of photography has changed irrevocably in recent years. Thanks to technological advancements, we are able to do just about anything digitally and that includes creating digital people who are so lifelike that it’s difficult to believe they aren’t real.

However, photographer Cameron-James Wilson has come under fire for creating a dark-skinned 3D model.

Check out the video below where he discusses his work:

“I was learning how to create 3D imagery for graphic novels and animations and I had the opportunity to create a model however I wanted,” Wilson said in an interview with the Metro. “So I created the most beautiful woman I could.”

Wilson named his digital creation Shudu and based her stunning appearance on a Barbie doll which was called the Princess of South Africa, as well as a number of prominent black models including Duckie Thot.

Wilson’s model is tall, thin and undeniably gorgeous.

Shudu’s pictures were used by Fenty Beauty as she was modeling their SAWC lipstick, however, it’s not known whether or not they were aware that she was a 3D woman and not a real one.