In this modern world, we like to think that we are not the type to judge. We are the generation that embraces each other’s differences, no matter how major or minor they may be, right?

You may have thought you were one of the most accepting people in the world, but the life of 27-year-old Eli Ink may challenge your perceptions of people. The Brighton-based tattoo artist and ink addict has caused a stir online after revealing his desire to have every inch of his body dyed black – including his eyeballs and gums.

Over the past 10 years, Eli has been used his own body as a canvas in which to showcase his extraordinary work. A decade after his first inking session, Eli now boasts a body completely tainted by black ink and multiple piercings and stretchings.

His sinister look is certainly unconventional, which is no surprise when you learn that he was inspired by the great Spanish painter Pablo Picasso, who was notorious for breaking the rules in art.

Check him out in action in the video below:

However, while many shy away from the sight of Eli’s menacing look, there are many who find it hugely attractive. One person who can’t get enough of his artificially darkened skin is his girlfriend, Holly. A body modification enthusiast herself, Holly is hugely supportive of Eli’s bizarre obsession, despite the many risks that come with it.