When a relationship breaks down, it is only natural to look for an easily identifiable reason. This is especially the case when it comes to much-loved celebrity couples like Chris Pratt and Anna Faris. After their split last year, fans were convinced that another woman was to blame.

It wasn’t just any woman that was responsible, either, but Pratt’s Passengers co-star, 27-year-old Jennifer Lawrence.

Thanks to the pair’s incredible on-set friendship and their chemistry onscreen, people began to speculate in 2016 that there was more to their relationship than met the eye – that it was the second coming of Brad and Angelina on the set of Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

At the time, the rumors were vehemently denied.

In fact, Lawrence went as far as to appear on Faris’s podcast Anna Faris is Unqualified to explain how hurt she was by the accusations that she would cheat with a married man.

Faris then revealed that the accusations had the effect of making her feel insecure because her relationship was under constant scrutiny.

Because all three parties united to dispel the rumors, they were naturally silenced – until Pratt and Faris announced their separation in August last year.