Conspiracy theorists have been debating the details of Tupac Shakur’s murder for the past two decades. Did the rap legend really die from the injuries he’d sustained after being shot in Las Vegas? Or – the more popular theory – did he use the shooting as a cover in order to fake his own death and remove himself from the spotlight?

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At 25-years-old, it’s safe to say that Tupac’s death was extremely premature. This, combined with his incredible talent, saw large-scale mourning across the globe after his passing on September 6, 1996 – six days after he was shot four times in a suspected hit by a rival rap gang.

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This mourning quickly turned into disbelief as fans began to speculate that Tupac was still alive. Desperate to believe that their idol didn’t die from internal bleeding as a result of his injuries, fans began to suggest that he may have survived the drive-by shooting and rather than return to a chaotic life ruled by gang violence and rivalry, Tupac went off-grid.

As a result, there have been reported sightings of the New York-born rapper in New Orleans, Cuba, Brazil and now Somalia.