Plenty of great inventions were laughed at before they became accepted. I mean, humans did once worship sun gods, believe the Earth was flat, and thought flies spontaneously regenerated from dead things.

I bet the Wright brothers were the laughing stock of their town when they told everyone they were inventing a flying machine. Yet for the total geniuses below, no one is laughing.

These people have come up with brilliant ideas that make total sense and everyone is wondering why they don’t exist! Now that they’ve been shared on the internet, how do we make them real?

1. Political Reform

A ‘none of the above’ option in elections. If that option wins, the election is reheld with all new candidates.

2. Show Me The Money

Everytime Congress gives themselves a raise, they have to raise the minimum wage by the same percentage.

3. Yes, Please!

Siri and Alexia should only work if you say “please” and “thank you”. This could improve people’s manners to each other.

4. Justice Is Served

If someone is falsely convicted of rape, and later found not guilty and freed, the person who wrongfully testified against them should spend the same time in prison as the wrongfully convicted.

Are you into art? This next idea is magnifique!