The world was in utter shock when it emerged that Ewan McGregor would be splitting from his wife after an impressive 22 years of marriage. Going beyond the 20-year mark is impressive for any couple, but especially if you’re firmly a part of the drama-filled and fickle world of Hollywood.

Ewan McGregor’s wife, Eve Mavrakis was devastated when the Star Wars star left her and their four daughters. But it has now come to light that Ewan and Mary’s relationship has been on the rocks in recent months and the pair have now reportedly broken up for good.

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Well, Eve who is naturally still very hurt by the way in which the marriage ended, has not refrained from sharing her thoughts with the media.

When news of the split hit the headlines, a fan wrote this sympathetic comment on one of her Instagram photos: “I can’t believe Ewan would end things with u. U are so much better than him!!!! Take him for every penny u can!!!”

Eve simply replied, “What can I do?”

Credit: Instagram / evemcgregor123

Well, Eve has now responded to the rumors that Mary has left Ewan after less than a year together.