Capital punishment is becoming an increasingly controversial issue. Proponents of the death penalty argue that it is giving some of society’s most abhorrent people their just desserts, while others call it into question for a variety of ethical reasons.

Last week, 61-year-old Doyle Lee Hamm hit the headlines because he was going to be executed while suffering from terminal cancer.

The execution was due to take place on Thursday of last week, and Hamm’s lawyer, Bernard Harcourt, argued that it would be inhumane to execute him via lethal injection because his veins had collapsed as a result of his cancer treatment and wanted an oral alternative instead.

Despite this, the state of Alabama went ahead with the lethal injection execution anyway.

However, because of Hamm’s lymphoma cancer, hepatitis, and prior drug use, they were unable to find a suitable vein to administer the injection. This left the death row inmate with more than a dozen puncture wounds on his arms and legs.

“He’s in great pain from yesterday evening, physically, from all of the attempts to access his veins in his lower extremities and in his groin,” Mr. Harcourt said.