In the aftermath of yet another tragic mass shooting in the United States, gun control is once again a hot topic of discussion. It seems like a common-sense solution that most other countries have long had in place, and, statistically, strict gun control laws do work.

Yet, the American government refuses to consider stricter firearms regulations, and instead, the President is currently choosing to focus on mental health. Yet this seems like a distraction. Every country in the world has citizens with mental health issues, yet they don’t have mass shootings.

At least not on the same unbelievable scale as in the United States. Last year alone there was nearly a mass shooting for every day of the year. Death tolls from gun-related incidents on Americal soil have now exceeded those from the war in Afghanistan.

What’s perhaps more mind-boggling is that if strict gun control laws were put in place, those with mental health issues who might be likely to harm themselves or others wouldn’t have access to firearms. Yet in America, it’s easier to buy a gun than it is to buy a lottery ticket.

Case in point, this video, shown on a segment of HBO’s Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel, is now more relevant than ever. It shows a 13-year-old boy being refused alcohol, lottery tickets, pornography, and cigarettes, but when he attempts to buy a gun, he does so easily and legally.

In the unbelievable footage, the boy is laughed at for even trying to buy a lottery ticket, as if the dangers of a scratch card would be too much for him. Yet, at a gun show, he legally buys a .22 caliber rifle and all the seller says is “It should shoot pretty good for you”.