When it comes to antiques it seems that the least extravagant items are often the most valuable. You know, that painting which has been hanging on the wall for years or that teapot which you’ve used every day for the past decade. The items which you wouldn’t think twice to look at are often hiding a secret fortune.

For one woman from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, her dreams of finding treasure in an unlikely heirloom came true in a painting that’d been in her family for years.

“This is a painting that I was given when my grandmother passed away,” the woman explained to an expert on Antiques Roadshow. “It always hung right above her bed. Her dad, I am guessing, would have given it to her after she spent the summer at a dude ranch when she was 19 [years-old], in like, the ’40s.”

Having always been under the assumption it was a reprint, the woman hadn’t thought much of the painting until she’d gone to remove a mosquito from behind the glass before taking it to college. As she lifted the glass, she quickly realized that it might be “real”. In order to get a second opinion, she took it to a valuing session for Antiques Roadshow.

Little did she know just how much the nondescript painting was worth. In fact, she was so clueless that when she was told, she broke down in tears…

Watch the big reveal here. Can you guess the painting’s value?

No doubt you’re now wondering how much every item in your own attic is now worth. It’s time to look a little more closely at that bracelet your grandma gave you as a child…