Earlier this month, legendary record producer Quincy Jones hit the headlines after he appeared to go rogue in an interview with Vulture.

In the interview, the 84-year-old, who has worked with music icons such as Michael Jackson, Frank Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald, shockingly claimed that he knew who’d killed John F. Kennedy, that Michael Jackson “stole a lot of songs” and that he’d dated Ivanka Trump despite a 48-year age gap.

Jones’ candid approach to answering each question landed the 79-time Grammy-nominated music producer in hot water, especially after he declared that Michael Jackson’s plastic surgery obsession was the result of being “abused” by his father.

How NOT to behave during an interview:

It could have been a lot worse for the Chicago-born star who managed to avoid answering a particularly pointed question about his friends, Bill and Hillary Clinton. “This is something else I shouldn’t be talking about,” he said as the interviewer asked him to divulge more information on Hillary’s “secrets”.

“I know too much, man,” Jones said at one point, prompting the interviewer to ask him to name something he wished he didn’t know. “Who killed Kennedy,” Jones matter-of-factly responded before going on to claim that the president was assassinated by Chicago mobster Sam Giancana.