North Korea and the US have made their contempt for one another very clear over the years, but it would appear that the tension is at an all-time high for two countries at this year’s Winter Olympics.

For those familiar with the fraught politics between the two countries, this news will come as no surprise. But what may shock you is the sight of a North Korean cheerleader being forced to stop clapping for the US free skating duo.

The bizarre moment was caught on camera, which is lucky for had it not been permanently captured it’d be hard to believe it actually happened. After all, you don’t expect high school pettiness at the Winter Olympics – well, at least not since Tonya Harding’s attack on Nancy Kerrigan in 1994.

The incident is made even more scandalous by the fact that just moments before, the cheerleaders had ecstatically applauded the North Korean pair as they took to the ice. Whilst this isn’t unusual given that they’re supporting their own athletes, what is peculiar is their stony silence when Team US roll onto the rink.

Despite taking up a large section of the audience, the North Korean cheerleaders don’t even so much as raise a smile when Team US completes their program – except for one of the girls who momentarily forgets where she is.

As the only one clapping, she sticks out like a sore thumb in the North Korean section of the crowd. Her failure to follow orders doesn’t go unnoticed by the cheerleader sitting directly to her left, who quickly nudges her in a clear state of panic.

The odd moment has since gone viral online as people question North Korea’s motives for partaking in the games.

Watch the footage to feel the full awkwardness…