Ellen Degeneres is known for getting the best guests on her popular talk show. From US presidents such as Barack Obama to adorable kids from across the pond like Sophia Grace and Rosie – the woman never fails to deliver.

But I’m going to go ahead and say that none of her guests have anything on Microsoft founder and billionaire, Bill Gates – the latest celebrity to make an appearance on The Ellen Show.

Ellen decided to mark Bill’s very first time on the show with a brand new game she likes to call “Bill’s Grocery Bills”. So what’s the premise behind the game? Well, all Bill had to do was guess the prices of items in grocery stores, and for someone who was able to build his own billion-dollar empire, you’d think that would be a cinch, right? Wrong. He failed miserably.

Before the game had even begun, Ellen asked Bill when he’d last been to a grocery store, to which he replied, “a long time ago”.

And that’s pretty understandable because as one of the wealthiest people on the planet, he can quite easily employ someone to do his shopping for him. But who’d have known he’d be quite so oblivious as to the costs of basic items on grocery store shelves?

Anyway, Ellen kicked the game off by asking Bill to guess the price of Rice-A-Roni and his answer was $5 (I know right!)

He was next asked to guess the price of Tide Pods (made famous recently by dim-witted social media users).

After his first blunder, Bill decided it was best to underestimate the price and he guessed $4! He then let the audience help him give a better estimate and settled on an equally hilarious guess of $10.

Trust me, the guesses get a lot more ludicrous as the game goes on – Bill Gates evidently hasn’t been in a grocery store since the 70s.

You can watch the full video below: