From the outside, it may look like Meghan Markle is starring in a fairy tale. After all, her life has gone through a number of sweeping changes recently. She’s met her soulmate and had a whirlwind romance with a prince!

Now that Meghan and Prince Harry have gotten engaged, Meghan must prepare for life as a member of the Royal Family. After she marries in just five short months, it’s likely that she will be officially declared either a princess or a duchess.

While the whole affair does sound rather magical, in reality, becoming a royal has a lot of consequences too. It is a fulltime job with a lot of responsibilities, and it may be a steep learning curve for Meghan to fit in.

Here are 10 things Meghan won’t be able to do once she becomes a royal…

1. Take a selfie

As a former actress, Meghan would be quite used to taking selfies with fans, but as a royal, it’s a big faux pas. However, it looks like she may have already gotten the hang of this rule. In December, Meghan reportedly refused to pose for one, telling a fan “we’re not allowed to do selfies”.

It remains to be seen just how strict this particular rule is, though. It seems other members of the Royal Family have slipped and taken a handheld snap with a stranger, including Prince Charles and even the Queen!

2. Have her own social media accounts

Meghan has already begun shutting down all of her personal social media accounts including well as her blog, which had been called The Tig. It’s likely that she’ll join Harry, William, and Kate under the Kensington Royal accounts.

Harry, William, and Kate currently use the Kensington Royal social media accounts to provide official updates on their charity work. So it looks like we can say goodbye to Meghan’s cute Snapchat filters!

3. Kiss in public

Although there is no official protocol on public displays of affection, it’s unlikely we’ll be seeing Meghan and Harry sharing a smooch anytime soon. Will and Kate don’t even hold hands in public, so the fact that Harry and Meghan do is already considered very modern. A kiss might be pushing it.

If you think these rules are strict, just wait until you find out why Meghan won’t be allowed to open presents on Christmas Day anymore!

4. Open presents on Christmas day

Christmas for the Royal Family is steeped in tradition. Every year, family members join the Queen to celebrate at Sandringham House, where presents are opened on Christmas Eve. On Christmas Day, everyone attends church, followed by a viewing of the Queen’s annual speech.

5. Go out in public alone

This one is for obvious security reasons, and every member of the Royal Family is required to have a security detail when out in public.

6. Sign autographs

Meghan has probably signed a lot of autographs over the years as an actress, but as a royal, she will be prohibited from doing so except at official signing events. The reason is that someone could use her signature against the family by forging documents.

7. Vote

Although Meghan will be granted British citizenship after her marriage, she likely won’t be voting in any of the United Kingdom’s elections. It is considered unconstitutional for the monarch to vote, and while this technically only applies to the Queen, extended members of the Royal Family generally do not vote by convention.

Wondering what else Meghan can’t do? Check out number eight to find out what time Meghan’s allowed to go to bed. Yes, she may actually have a bedtime!

8. Go to sleep before the Queen

Okay, so this only applies when Meghan and the Queen are staying at the same location, but protocol requires Meghan to stay awake until Harry’s grandmother decides it’s time to go to hit the hay.

9. Wear dark nail polish

Meghan will only be able to wear natural looking nail polish from here on out, or at least any time she’s attending an official event. Royal protocol forbids wearing any nail color that does appear natural.

10. Cross her legs

We’ve all seen the “Duchess slant” before. Kate Middleton seems to have perfected the seated position. Crossing one’s legs while sitting is frowned upon in the Royal Family, so it’s likely Meghan will be relearning what to do with her appendages while seated also.

As if all that wasn’t already enough, Meghan has decided to give up a few more things of her own. For her New Year’s resolution, she’s decided to give up two very unladylike habits. To find out what they are, check out the video below: