When Jackie Nguyen and Nate Huntley first got engaged, they were determined to churn out the best and most unconventional engagement photos possible.

But the loved-up couple from New York’s Astoria, Queens, weren’t interested in taking your typical, contrived engagement photos, filled with fake smiles and unnatural poses.

Nope, Jackie and Nate, who just so happen to be huge film and television fans, wanted their engagement photos to feature them dressed as some of their favorite movie duos. After much careful thought and meticulous brainstorming, they settled on a very diverse range of characters from all kinds of movies. And the movies they selected all have one thing in common: they’re all undeniable classics.

From Titanic‘s Jack and Rose to Captain America and Peggy Carter, these Hollywood-inspired photos are truly spectacular.

So without further ado, here are Jackie and Nate dressed up as some of the most iconic duos in cinematic history.

1. Daniel and Miranda Hillard from Mrs. Doubtfire

“Because we are also ballin’ on a budget, we made sure we only bought from thrift stores to cut down on costs,” Jackie told the Huffington Post. “Luckily, we have a lot of friends in the arts who had lots of costume pieces for us to borrow. The Mrs. Doubtfire wig is borrowed from an old Broadway production!”

2. Harry and Marv from Home Alone

“Nate and I are huge nerds,” Jackie said. “We are completely obsessed with the majority of couples we paid tribute to and have a genuine love for being a bit kooky. We’ve even tried to invite Macaulay Culkin to our wedding using our photos. Not sure if he’ll accept, but it’s worth a shot.”