It’s easy to assume that everyone in prison is a bad person. After all, the law was made for a reason – to protect people and keep order. Every time it’s broken, someone suffers in some way, even if it’s a simple case of having their belongings stolen.

But perhaps we should reserve our judgments about criminals now that footage has emerged of a group of prisoners escaping from a cell and SAVING a guard’s life.

It’s hard to imagine what life in prison is like. Unless you know someone who is an inmate, your concept of life behind bars will have been shaped by movies and books, and they almost always touch upon inmates’ desire to escape.

However, when a group of prisoners at a Texas courthouse noticed the guard outside their cell in trouble, making a bid for freedom was the last thing on their minds. Instead, their first reaction was to escape so that they could save his life.

The inmates realized that something was wrong when they saw Gary Grimm unconscious in his seat and knew that they had to act quickly.

Watch the incredible moment when they broke out of their cell below:

In an interview with WFAA, 52-year-old Grimm said, “Instead of overtaking me and taking my gun, and killing me or taking a hostage and escaping, they looked at me as a human being.”