In a live interview, you never know what might happen. Whilst the production crew try to assess all risks, there are times when things slip through the net.

A prime example of that is CNN’s powerful interview with two Parkland shooting survivors, Emma Gonzalez and David Hogg. The two teens managed to escape the fate that claimed the lives of 14 of their classmates and three teachers after 19-year-old Nikolas Cruz went on a shooting spree at the school.

During the interview, both Gonzalez and Hogg made a powerful plea for America’s gun laws to be reassessed. However, those listening to the grief-stricken teens found themselves inadvertently distracted as a black pick up truck rolled slowly by in the background, with a dog at the wheel.

Luckily the crew manages to remain professional during the peculiar moment and the interview continues without hesitation. In fact, just seconds after the truck rolls by, an undeterred Hogg goes on to imply that politicians accepting “blood money” from the NRA are “child murders.”

Of course, the internet reacted with bemusement to the image of the dog driving the truck. “I just believe that this is the most incredible piece of news I’ve ever witnessed,” wrote one user.

If the person responsible thought that the prank would deter attention away from the teen’s captivating discussion, then they were very wrong. Gonzalez and Hogg are both causing a stir in politics with their straight-talking plea for America’s gun laws to be changed.

But during this time of tragedy, let’s find some humor and smiles in a dog driving a truck…

Watch the odd moment for yourself, five minutes into the inspirational interview…