A day before Audrey Rose and her husband were set to fly from Tampa to Chicago, she found out she was pregnant.

She wanted to surprise the dad-to-be with the news, so as the two boarded their flight at the Tampa International Airport in Florida, she slipped the flight crew a note asking for their help. “I have a big favor to ask! I just found out that I’m pregnant and I really want to surprise my husband! I was hoping you could announce it before takeoff. His name is David Rose and he is sitting in 28E. If you can give me a quick cue that you are about to announce it, I will get my video camera ready,” it read.

They were more than happy to oblige, and as the plane was getting ready for takeoff, the pilot made a very special announcement that left David repeatedly asking, “What?!”


Congratulations to the couple on their soon-to-be new bundle of joy! We’ll be sure to let you know whether David ever gets over his shock.

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