Stories of people being forcibly removed from flights aren’t new. In fact, after the United Airlines incident of April last year you’d think that there would never be another scandal involving a paying passenger and an airline again.
That notorious incident makes the latest aviation scandal to hit the headlines even more difficult to believe. This time the airline in the spotlight is Emirates, the world’s fourth-largest airline, with 3,600 flights leaving from its base at Dubai International Airport per week.

Emirates is known for its high-standards where economy passengers are treated to a top quality service and many additional perks. Established in 1985, Emirates has become synonymous with luxury, which is partly down to the fact that it was financially backed by Dubai’s Royal Family in its infancy.

With all that in mind, recent reports that a British couple were kicked off a flight from Birmingham to Dubai have caused quite a stir.

According to Beth Evans, a 24-year-old teaching assistant from England, she was removed from the flight a few minutes before the plane was due to take off after an air hostess overheard her complaining to her boyfriend, 26-year-old Josh Moran, about “period pains”.