We have all been guilty of doing some rather unconventional things when on a plane. Be it sleeping sideways on a long haul flight while using a complimentary bread roll as a pillow, or transforming your flight compression socks as an eye mask – we’ve all been forced to get creative at 30,000 ft.
However, when you combine this creativity with the attitude of people on public transport, you have yourself a problem. For some reason, the world’s most inconsiderate people seem to congregate on planes, trains, and buses. In these spaces, they defer from adhering to social norms and etiquette.
A prime example of this was caught on a flight from Turkey to Moscow, Russia, earlier this week where a female passenger used the overhead air vents in the plane to dry her underwear.
According to those on the flight, the woman was shameless in her behavior, continuing to use the air vent as a clothes drier for 20 minutes. “Everybody was looking with interest and confusion, but everybody remained silent,” said one shocked passenger.
The woman’s actions have repulsed thousands of people on social media after the clip went viral. Many found it hard to believe that someone would be so inconsiderate given that half the air you breathe when on a flight is recycled from the cabin – the other half is fresh air drawn from the engines.
With that in mind, is this woman completely out of order? Or do you think she’s perfectly within her right?

Watch the video and decide for yourself…