Anything can happen when you’re on a television show in front of a studio audience. That is something that those familiar with British tabloid talk show, The Jeremy Kyle Show are all too familiar with.
The show is synonymous with scandal, for it allows its guests to confront one another over very intimate details of their personal lives whilst on stage in front of a television crew and audience. The disputes usually center around infidelity, pregnancy and fraught family relationships, with a few unique scenarios thrown in to balance things out.
Yet while the show is known for its provocative approach to dissolving tension and resolving disputes, nobody was prepared for the story of Chantelle and Dan.
The pair, who began dating a mere nine months before they appeared on the show, were there to talk through their complicated relationship. At 16-years-old, Chantelle shocked viewers when she declared that she was six months pregnant with Dan’s child.
Alarmingly, the child wasn’t conceived by accident. Instead, the teenager schoolgirl planned the pregnancy with her boyfriend of three months. It is this fact that makes his callous attitude towards their relationship even harder to forgive.
Rather than let Chantelle down gently, Dan makes it clear that he isn’t interested in being romantically involved with her anymore in the most brutal way. It’s a surprise that Chantelle’s mom managed to sit by and let him talk to her heavily pregnant daughter this way on national television…

We can only hope the two have managed to settle their differences for the sake of their child.