For many of us, spray tans are a safer and more efficient means to get the perfect tan without any of the worry of burning, or the hassle of sunbathing and applying sun cream for hours on end. And that’s not to mention those who live in climates where a sun capable of giving you a tan turns up once in a blue moon… for them, getting that perfect tan is a necessity.

Still, there are risks that come from going to tanning salons or doing it yourself. The sun tends to do a pretty thorough all-over job, but if you mess up with these chemicals, you’ll start to wonder whether you should have left it up to mother nature after all.

1. Boots may be the best choice

2. She’ll be wearing her hair down for a while

3. A memory of what you once were

4. How did this even happen?

5. This one is… interesting

6. It’s clear what happened here

7. Lesson learned

8. An odd look

9. Uh oh

10. Leaning where they shouldn’t

11. I would stay indoors for a while

I think we can all agree that none of these are a particularly good look. Feel free to use fake tan as you will, but maybe have a little think back to what you saw here today and make sure you’re doing it as correctly as you possibly can.

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