We all have gone through some rather questionable phases in our lives, especially as we experiment and explore our own individual personality. But one person who took things to a whole new extreme is Mel Wildman, also known as Mel the Punk, who appeared on British television show, Snog, Marry, Avoid. 
The show, which is based on the schoolyard game of the same name, sees men and women with extreme styles undergo a ‘makeunder’ in order to make them more conventionally attractive to the general public, who then choose whether they’d marry, snog or avoid them.
It was here that the 20-year-old punk was stripped of her heavy makeup, ripped fishnet tights and beloved leather jacket. Instead, Wildman was clothed in a demure dress which made her look barely recognizable – in fact, her transformation was so dramatic that her mother, who admitted to feeling “ashamed” of her daughter’s appearance, burst into tears.
“Some people will look at her as though she’s scum,” said Mel’s mom, Jill before her daughter’s makeover. Mel corroborated this by adding: “I think my look is very intimidating. Everyone just, like, moves away.”
“I couldn’t care less what anyone says about me,” Mel added before she had her hair, makeup and clothes peeled away by the show’s production team.

Watch the video to see Mel’s incredible new look…

After being shown her new look, Mel is clearly taken aback. “I’ve never seen myself like this before. It’s like someone else is in the mirror. I feel like a lady,” she gushed. “I really like the hair. I love the dress! I feel sexy.”
However, in a later segment on the show Mel converts back to her old ways. Wearing a ’50s pin-up style red polka-dot dress, the 20-year-old admitted: “I like to be girly, but also punk. Usually, people would just like stare at me, and now everyone keeps wolf whistling at me now.”
“I’ve learned not to be as extreme as I was, I can always tone it down a bit. Instead of being grotty all the time, I can be pretty as well,” she added, although this would appear not to be the case for Mel has now completely reverted back to her former self.
“I just thought it was more comfortable. I didn’t feel comfortable or myself on the show,” she told the Daily Mail shortly after the show aired. “I liked the look, but I felt like I looked like my mother. I really liked the dress but I just felt so uncomfortable.”
Despite her sensational makeover, many flooded on to social media to support Mel’s unique look. “I hate it when they discourage their uniqueness,” wrote one user, while another echoed this sentiment by typing: “Hinting at people to look like what society wants us to look like. I feel like you should be able to dress however you please.”
What do you think? Do you like Mel’s look before, or after? Or both?!