In the whole history of the US, the Oval Office has never been occupied by a woman. There have been a few close moments (most recently with Hillary Clinton), but ultimately, the White House has been a male-dominated environment. Until now…
With the third wave of feminism furiously thrashing the shores of established patriarchy, women have begun to rise up and wise up. The most recent example of this has come in the form of US presidents photoshopped to look like women.
They may be some of the greatest men in American history, but as women, who knows what they could have achieved…

1. Theodore Roosevelt

Teddy Roosevelt may have been famous for his masculine “cowboy” persona, but the 26th President of the United States still looks fierce with a slick of lipstick. Mount Rushmore would look very different today if Theodora Roosevelt had been commander-in-chief!

2. William Howard Taft

Taft’s iconic mustache defined his four years as the 27th President of the United States, but perhaps his flowing hair would have been a more prominently discussed at the time had he been a woman.

3. Woodrow Wilson

During Wilson’s tenure as president, he had to contend with the women’s suffrage movement. In fact, it was whilst he sat behind his desk in the Oval Office that women were finally given the right to vote, so it seems only fitting to catch a glimpse of the two term-serving president as a woman.