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It’s easy to think the world is a terrible place right now. The mass shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida was just the latest heartbreaking gun-related tragedy and no one seems to be doing anything to prevent more from happening.

It’s easy to feel helpless, partly from grief and partly from not knowing what to do, but sometimes, as Mr. Rogers says, you’ve got to look for the helpers. Despite the fact that creating an effective gun control policy may be a long and difficult fight ahead, there are still people making a difference right now.
One organization that is helping out during this difficult time is The Lutheran Church K-9 Comfort Dog Ministry. This organization sends in support dogs to comfort those impacted by the tragedy.

The survivors of the school shooting may heal from any physical wounds, but therapy will also be needed to aid any psychological or mental stress. Comfort dogs are a great resource here. They have been proven to reduce blood pressure, lower stress levels, and speed healing.
If you’d like to learn more about Jacob and his canine pals or just to see them working as their adorable fluffy selves, check out the video below:

Canine companions have been used for everything from full-time emotional support animals, to aid dogs for veterans with PTSD, to temporarily comforting university students during the stressful exam period.