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I’ve never stolen anything, but I think if I did, I’d want to make my move as quick as possible so I’d be less likely to get caught. This wasn’t the case for one robber in Los Angeles, California, who decided to take a bit of “me time” during one of his break-ins.

What’s even stranger is that the rest and relaxation this robber decided to take included smoking a cigarette, charging his phone, and then even watching some adult movies on the homeowner’s computer!

The robber, 28-year-old Alan Estrada, was caught taking his time robbing a home business and may have gotten away with the burglary if he hadn’t stuck around so long. While most of Estrada’s antics were caught on a security camera, he was caught red-handed by the homeowners themselves.

Lisa and Steve Mirizzi own a hair extension business and live in the apartment upstairs. It is believed Estrada entered their business by climbing through an air vent. Lisa discovered the strange man in her apartment when she went downstairs to make some tea.
However, she did not find Estrada riffling through her personal belongings or collecting valuables. He was actually seated at her computer and watching pornography.