Every human on this planet has a goal that they wish to achieve in their life. Be it to be stinking rich, a successful parent, or an award winner, everybody’s hopes and dreams are drastically different. But they don’t get much more different than 24-year-old Natasha’s plans to build herself the biggest butt in the world.
The Swedish-born surgery fanatic shocked viewers and medical professionals when she appeared on the American television show The Doctors. Despite the fact that her butt already measures a whopping 85 inches, Natasha wants to go bigger, with her heart set on a 100-inch derriere.
“I have had three Brazilian butt lifts but I want to have more,” the blonde surgery addict proudly announced. “My goal is to have the biggest butt in the world. I don’t even know what the Guinness [World] record is. I need to check it out.”
But now doctors are warning the aspiring world record holder that her plans could be deadly. “Wow. I would say this is the biggest bum I have seen in my career,” a shocked Dr. Andrew Ordon said when Natasha arrived at his surgery.
“Technically, this procedure is possible. The biggest thing is that you’re really creating something unnatural,” the 67-year-old plastic surgeon explained, before adding: “You don’t often see me lost for words, but I am a little bit speechless. It’s out there.”

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Natasha’s desire to inflate her behind came when she was 17-years-old. “I saw a woman that had a big bum. From the day, I wanted to look like her. I had my first Brazilian butt lift when I was 20 [years-old], but I knew I wanted more,” she explained.
The mammoth size of Natasha’s butt means that she is unable to run, due to the pain she experiences. She is also unable to lie on her back when she sleeps, or get into a small car. When traveling, she requires two seats to accommodate her inflated rear.
“When I look in the mirror, I love what I see,” Natasha proudly declares. “I think men are afraid of me, because they don’t know if they can handle me. I’m 5ft 10″, 319 pounds.”
Natasha plans to have a fourth Brazilian butt lift, as well as a nose job and boob job, despite the fact that her family are against her surgeries. “They want their daughter to be normal,” she explains.
Despite some rather sinister warnings against another butt lift, Natasha is determined to see it through. “People that are telling me to stop my surgeries, I respect their opinion, but I love myself. I’m going to reach my goal whatever it takes. You only have one life to live, so live it,” she says.