Pretty much everyone on the planet loves Jennifer Lawrence, whether it’s for her acting abilities, her down-to-earth persona or her undeniable beauty. The popular actress burst onto the acting scene in The Hunger Games trilogy, which began in 2012, and she dedicated several years of her life to playing Katniss Everdeen in the movies.

And although it was Silver Linings Playbook that earned her an Academy Award in 2012, her defining role is still the protagonist of the critically acclaimed dystopian sci-fi series.
Playing a fearless heroine whose main priority was to protect those in need did much to ensure Jennifer Lawrence was seen in the same light. Yes, whether Lawrence liked it or not, she was now a role model as far as the media was concerned.

Although it’s nearly been six years since the Oscar winner rose to international stardom, she is still very much seen as a great role model for young women and girls to look up to. And perhaps rightfully so, because as it turns out, Lawrence is planning to use 2018 to focus on doing good for the world. And she is taking some time away from Hollywood in order to accomplish her new goals.

You may recall that back in September of last year, she revealed in an interview with Savannah Guthrie on  NBC News’ Today Show, that she would be taking a break from Hollywood.