As a child, I was desperate for an elder brother. It’s not that my little sister wasn’t enough – if anything she was too much – but there was something appealing about the idea of a brother. Obviously, as I grew older I realized that it was an impossible desire, I was always going to be the oldest and my parents weren’t prepared to indulge my sibling dreams.

Whilst it didn’t happen for me, it did for Kianni Arroyo. The 21-year-old from Orlando, Florida had her sibling fantasies become reality in a rather sensational way after she learned that her biological father was a sperm donor who’d contributed hundreds of his reproductive cells.

“I was raised just by my mom, and she’s always been honest with me about the fact that I was born to a sperm donor,” Arroyo told Metro. “I always wanted to find out more about who I was, and whether I had any siblings, so as soon as I was old enough to access the records I did just that.”

Arroyo’s mission began five years ago when she was a high school sophomore. The first stage of her project was to connect with her father. Tentatively she reached out to the man who’d unknowingly given her life before meeting him during a trip to Universal Studios when she was 18-years-old. Thankfully, the man she’d waited so long to meet turned out to be a “really cool guy” and the two bonded.