When any devoted owner loses their pet, they will go to great lengths to find them again. Typically, people will put up signs in their neighborhood, featuring a picture of their pet and offering a reward if the animal is found.
Well, the following rebels have shown us their own take on the classic “lost and found” posters, and they are funny as hell.

1. It was always a bit of a drifter

Hopefully, one day it will be back where it belongs. But until that day, we salute you, Mr. Wisples.

2. If you don’t get the reference, shame on you

Unless, of course, you’ve been in a coma since 1982, then it’s perfectly reasonable.

3. There’s definitely a point to this

I didn’t want to include this one, nor did I want to leave it off, nor do I have anything of substance to say. I hope you are well.