By now you’ve probably heard that Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux have officially split. The couple released a statement saying that they separated in late 2017 but that it was amicable and they continue to be friends.

So now we should all expect to hear about prenuptial agreements and lawyers and settlements, right? Wrong! It’s now late February and there is no word about any of those things.

TMZ has made calls to the usual Hollywood divorce lawyers and no one has confessed to being involved. So what’s going on here? Is everything really so amicable that not even a single lawyer is involved to grant the divorce? Surely someone needs to make it legal.

Hold on for one second, though. Nowhere in Jennifer and Justin’s statement does it ever even mention the word ‘divorce’. Does this mean they are merely separating but staying married? Or perhaps it’s more likely they have never married in the first place!