We’ve all had an awkward moment or two in the bedroom. Perhaps your dirty talk was more like silly talk, or maybe your partner suddenly got indigestion. Hey, these things happen.

But the stories shared below are far beyond a burp at the wrong moment or a come on that fell flat. Check them out. I guarantee you’ll feel a whole lot better about your most embarrassing bedroom fails. It surely can’t be as bad as some of these experiences!

1. The Nose Dive

“[My husband and I] were just getting intimate when I tried to make a quick position-change, as they do in the movies. While going on to do that, I ended up flipping off the bed and busting my nose open on the floor.”

2. A Hairy Situation

“With the best intentions of making the moment spicy, I began to kiss my husband from the lips making my way down. All of a sudden, when I was halfway, I started gagging because some of his chest hairs clogged in my throat. Therefore, to keep the momentum, I continued until the end, with all the gagging and swallowing of hair.”

3. No Milking

“My boyfriend clips open my bra when I was all sprawled upon him and about to ride. Soon after, he stops kissing and gazes at me smilingly and says ‘I know this is going to kill the mood… but I feel like I could milk your boobs right now.’”

Dating a geeky guy? Then number 4 will seem extra hilarious…