Boys will be boys, especially with their toys! It seems most guys have gotten a bit curious about their “Johnsons” from time to time and have, I’ll just say, “experimented” with them from time to time.

As always, Reddit never fails to provide and men have stepped up to offer the most bizarre and hilarious things they have ever done to their willies.
And we’ve provided you with the best 10 responses:

1.  Super Charged

“My brother in law got too drunk and shared his story one night. He got bored hanging out in the bathroom after a shower. He was staying with his parents at the time and really likes his alone time. Eventually, he grabbed the dangling phone charger off the sink and ‘plugged it into’ his pee hole.
“This was back when the Razor flip phone was popular and he had thought the weird shaped end was a perfect fit. The worst part? It was plugged into the wall. He electrocuted his wiener and screamed so loud his mom came running. He said it didn’t feel the same for a week.
“When the story ended literally no one said a word. My sister has never mentioned it once. I think of it maybe 1/10 times I see a charger.” (PiketheGSP)

2. Here Kitty…

“One time after I boned my girlfriend, I walked out to get a glass of water. As I passed my couch my cat swats at me and grazes my sack. So I bopped him on top his head with my half-chub to assert dominance. Probably that.” (FoxyGrampa)
“Dude… you tapped the wrong p**sy” (aquaticrna)
“Naw, he tapped both p**sies.” [deleted user]