One of the most awkward situations you can find yourself in is meeting up with an ex. If you’re not one of the lucky few who part on good terms, seeing them again is going to be weird at best. And even if you did remain friends, it can still feel strange to see someone after being so close with them in the past.
The modern day equivalent of this is coming across your ex on a dating app or website after you have broken up. Not only are you seeing them again, but you’re getting confirmation that they are active in the dating scene. Depending on how fast you swipe left, you might find yourself prying into how exactly they sell themselves to potential partners.

This is the position Brianna Boyce was in when she came across her ex-boyfriend Adrian on Tinder recently. The funny thing was, they had both used the same couple photo for the app but had each cropped the other out. She found it so funny that she tweeted out a screenshot of what she had seen. The photos went viral and gained over 14,000 retweets.

She added that there were no bad feelings between the two of them, thinking Adrian would find it funny too. Instead, she found herself getting a reaction far from what she expected.
When Adrian came across the image, he didn’t find it nearly as funny as Brianna had. His reply rocked Twitter, gaining far more attention than the original tweet did, amassing him 224,000 retweets and over 700,000 likes.

Never has a light-hearted joke turned around so fast. Whatever happened in their relationship, it seemed like Brianna had no clue he would respond like this. And naturally, the internet couldn’t believe it. More than 2,000 people replied to his retweet.

Brianna made no follow-up tweet, so we all assumed she was retreating from the unexpected burn. She later talked to Cosmopolitan recently to clear up what had happened for the rest of us:
“We were friends before all of this happened, so I thought he would think it was funny, just like I did. I’m not perfect, but neither was he. We both had insecurities and faults in the relationship and that is ultimately what caused the breakup. I would never publicly blast him on anything he did wrong in our relationship and I still won’t.”
With a response that seemed, to be fair to her, far more mature than Adrian’s heated response, she settled the dispute – and has since met up with him.

“He said he shouldn’t have said it and he felt bad. He said he’d delete it once everything settled down, but there’s no point if it’s already gone viral,” she explained, “I appreciated the apology but doesn’t change the fact that I felt completely disrespected. Regardless, I know who I am and what happened in our relationship.”
It seems like she’s decided to be the bigger person, stating that “whether he considers me a friend or not, I’ll probably still be a friend to him even after this, because there’s no point in holding grudges.” While Twitter definitely had its fun with this one, we can all learn something from Brianna’s words.