Instant karma is a rare phenomenon. All too often it takes a long time for people to be served their just desserts, but eventually, justice finds its way home.
If you need any proof of that then just look at the fates of O.J. Simpson, Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, who all got what was coming to them in the end.

But whilst high profile cases of karma hit the headlines on a near daily basis, behind the scenes, regular people are also having justice served to them. Like this UPS parcel thief, who had karma served to her in a neatly wrapped express delivery parcel…

The woman was caught on camera as she attempted to steal a freshly delivered parcel from a home in Lynnwood, Washington.
The footage shows the moment the UPS driver deposits the parcel, followed almost immediately by the woman who’d been lying in wait with her accomplice – the getaway driver.

What should have been a simple swipe ended up being a total calamity for the bungling thief, who was unable to navigate the wet grass whilst smuggling out the parcels.