Marcella Gruchalak has always wanted to go through a drive-thru on a horse. In fact, she’s says it’s been on her bucket list for years.

You can imagine the Pennsylvania woman’s delight, then, when she finally got the chance to do so on February 10. She’d just taken her horse, Buns, to a fundraiser in Dormont, Pennsylvania, for the Children’s Hospital when on her way back home to the horse’s stable, she made a quick stop at a Wendy’s in Fox Chapel.

There she took Buns for a short ride through the drive-thru, ordering him a small chocolate Frosty as onlookers giggled and stared.

(via Daily Mail)

Shelly Tate, the woman who recorded the video, says they carefully pulled into a well-lit area without a lot of traffic, adding that they made sure Buns was safe the entire time. It looks like he was rewarded pretty handsomely as well, considering he got a Frosty AND some tasty apples.

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