With just over a year until the release of the final season of Game of Thrones, fans are now contenting themselves by speculating how the series will end. After all, a number of fan theories have come to pass and the show’s producers are famed for weaving easter eggs into episodes.
Now, a new and extremely convincing theory about how the Night King will invade Westeros has surfaced online.
Game of Thrones undoubtedly has one of the most complex plots in televised history. Adapted from George R. R. Martin’s novel series A Song of Ice and Fire, everything that has happened in the show’s seven seasons is about to culminate in one dramatic and bloody end.

After seeing so many battles between the warring Seven Kingdoms of Westeros, it has finally become apparent that the real war is not for the Iron Throne, but between the living and the dead. However, uniting against the Night King is no mean feat.

While Jon Snow has successfully united most of Westeros, it is likely that Cersei Lannister will not follow suit, and her decision to act in her own self-interest could prove to be her eventual undoing. What’s more is that it’s already been predicted at the end of season seven…