You may want to hold your loved one a little tighter after reading this article. A photograph that has inspired people to say “I love you” to those they cherish has gone viral because it’s poignant reminder that they might not be around forever.

The heartbreaking photo was taken by Chasidy Gwaltney in Corpus Christi, Texas. She was eating lunch in a restaurant on February 14th when she spotted an elderly man sharing a Valentine’s Day meal with his late wife’s ashes.

The widowed man held his head in his hands and looked as though he was in tears. The table was set for two. He had even ordered his late wife a glass of wine, and a Valentine’s Day card sat beside his plate with the message “You & Me” written on the front.

Gwaltney took and shared the photo online as a reminder not to take love for granted. Her post has since gone viral and has over 519,000 likes and more than 418,000 shares on Facebook.