Most people have an awkward phase when it comes to their appearance – a phase that they eventually blossom out of. But transformations are rarely as drastic as the one 33-year-old Gwilym Pugh underwent.
This is what the Welsh native looked like just over 10 years ago in 2007.

Now you might think he looks like an ordinary man but that’s exactly the point. These days, he couldn’t look any more different – he has the physical appearance of a model and has a modeling contract to prove it.
Gwilym wasn’t happy with his appearance in 2007 when this photo was taken, and this really affected his confidence. However, he had no reason not to be confident.
At the tender age of 21, he had already founded his own business. Yes, he ran a life insurance company from his spare bedroom.

In fact, so unhappy was Gwilym about his physique that he decided to completely change his lifestyle, and, as a result, he managed to go from 280lbs to 189lbs. In the process, he ended up signing a modeling contract opening the doors to photo shoots for publications such as GQ and Hunger magazine. Gwilym, who now lives in London, has even worked alongside heartthrobs such as David Beckham.
But before his life shot upwards, it had made a rapid decline in terms of his health and fitness. Gwilym, who used to play basketball for Wales at the under 16-level, put on piles of weight when he started working from home and generally became less active.

This was made worse by the fact that he could no longer continue his training for basketball due to a knee injury.
But now Gwilym has completely transformed his look, and I’m not just talking about his impressive weight loss. He now has a sultry, fiery red beard and a polished sense of style that has helped him to attract fans from all over the world who follow his Instagram page religiously.
This is what the model, who is now a Vo5 ambassador for the NME Awards, looks like now:

Before his transformation, Gwilym’s business was going fairly well, but he still wasn’t content with the direction his life was going in.