When left alone with a baby, dads can get up to all sorts of mischief. Whilst most of it is harmless fun, there are some moments when fathers take things a little too far.
Don’t get me wrong, moms do it too. But it’s different because they rarely consider combining their love for their newborn baby with their DIY passions or hobby. Whereas when dads are left in command of a small human, they like to get creative.

To illustrate this, all you need to do is simply think back to the moments in your childhood where you were left alone with your dad. Y’know, those times which usually ended with your dad saying, “It’s probably best if we don’t tell your mom about this.” Whether it be because what you were doing was highly irresponsible, or because you damaged something priceless.

For me, that memory is being in the car with my dad. We were traveling along quite contently when a truck collided with the rear corner of my dad’s car. I was too young at the time to understand whose fault it was, but apparently, it was my dad in the wrong.
Despite the incident only being minor, with no damage to the car, my dad swore me to secrecy. Naturally, it was the first thing I told my mom about as soon as I walked through the door when we got back home.

Now, just imagine if your dad had cut you in half. Your mom would be pretty annoyed by that, right?