Who doesn’t love spending a day by the seaside, working on your tan and delving into your favorite trashy book? In fact, the beach is so much fun, that I’d happily spend my entire life there. I’d spend my days bathing in the sea, eating ice cream that had been dropped in the sand, and stealing fries from the various passersby. Essentially, I’m telling you that a seagull is my dream job. Is there anything wrong with that?
However, most people’s dream beach is one devoid of people. Why? Well, judging by the following collection of photos, people are the one element of the beach that has the power ruin your entire day. Humans are unpredictable, weird, and downright bizarre. Don’t believe me? Well, the following collection of photos should be more than enough to prove my point.

1. That’s one way of getting your SPF levels up

2. Banana boats in space?

3. I’m really hoping these are just cleverly disguised water bottles

4. The biggest line of snow you’ll ever see

5. Taking the concept of face planting to the next level

6. Frankenstein’s baby

7. Well this is awkward

8. This guy clearly isn’t down with freeing the nipple

9. When you’ve had too many popadoms the night before your big day out

10. Michael Jackson reincarnated

11. I hear it’s good for your skin?

OK, OK, so after looking at that collection of utter oddballs, I might retract my previous comment in which I stated I would like to live the rest of my life as a seagull. I’d much rather live the rest of my life as the guy in #11 because he quite clearly doesn’t give a damn about the haters. Oh, and he’s bound to have the fewest wrinkles out of every single person on the beach. Mudpack, anyone?