The British Royal Family are synonymous with secrets. That’s why the pomp and pageantry exists, to distract us from the fact that each member of ‘the establishment’ has their own scandalous story – even the Queen, who is not as innocent as her pastel dresses and their matching hats suggest.
With Prince Philip’s inherent racism and Prince Charles’ not-so-secret affair with Camilla Parker-Bowles, the Royal Family are experts when it comes to damage control.

They have had to rescue their public image on numerous occasions after rumors of infighting, greed and jealousy hit the headlines – especially in 1992, the year which the Queen dubbed her “annus horribilis” (which is Latin for “horrible year”, of course), after three of her four children announced their intentions to divorce and a fire destroyed a large section of Windsor Castle.

You could argue that all families have their own issues, but that they don’t have to live them out in front of the world in quite the same fashion at the Royal Family. But then again, do you know anyone who has been accused of paying £10,000 to have sex with a teenage girl? Here’s looking at you, Prince Andrew.

But whilst there are hundreds of scandals that continue to haunt the Royal Family, there is one particular point of interest that nobody seems to be able to forget – the paternity of Prince Harry.