Pretty much everyone can claim to have had an “ugly duckling” phase when they were transitioning from a kid into an adult. But it’s pretty astounding when certain people are able to go from being an undeniable “plain Jane” to being a total and utter babe.

Yep, it’s amazing what a healthier lifestyle, a more flattering haircut and a better sense of style can do, which is something the following former “ugly ducklings” know all too well.
So without further ado, here are 25 of the most impressive “ugly duckling” transformations on social media:

1. The difference is astounding

“Four years between the photos. Used to really dislike how I looked but slowly and bit by bit I started to treat myself a little nicer, didn’t realize the difference ’til I saw it like this.”

2. You’d hardly believe they were the same person

“Fourth grade me & 22-year-old me. The photographer even made me push my glasses up because I liked to wear them on the tip of my nose.”