Sometimes, all it takes is somebody pointing out an innocuous detail for you to look at something a whole other way; particularly if the subject is something that you see often but never really bother to look at. There are plenty of ubiquitous logos and well-known cartoon characters that you never regard with more than a glance, but might look completely different from another angle.
There’s nothing we enjoy more than blowing your mind. That’s why we’ve collated these pictures that will totally change your perspective, and make you view some of your favourite childhood characters in a new light. So buckle up, because things are about to get really freaky!

1. Marvel or DC?

2. Is Fry really Jim Stark?

3. The Colonel’s bow-tie looks like a tiny body

4. Nelson is a future version of Barney

5. Angry birds characters are just muppet babies

6. Toad from Super Mario Bros has been flipping you off

7. Are Dawkins and Watson related?

8. Pokémon names are really dirty

9. Kirsten Stewart has been impersonating Yoda

10. There’s a surprised face on Galactus’ face

11. The last letter is lowercase

12. Nesquik looks like rabbit droppings

13. This Mario background behind Conan O’Brien

14. Joaquin Pheonix’s forehead looks like an upside down face

15. The cape behind God is a human brain

As bizarre as most of these pictures are, most of them have a logical explanation behind their secret meaning. But there are plenty of pictures out there which are just downright inexplicable, and don’t make sense no matter how you look at them. If you want proof then check out these 18 images guaranteed to make you question what the hell is going on.