There are some people in this world who are synonymous with controversy. For whatever reason, they cannot seem to avoid trouble. One of these people is former ESPN reporter, Britt McHenry.
The 31-year-old reporter, who now contributes to The Federalist and the Fox News Channel, first saw her name attributed to scandal in April 2015, when surveillance footage of her verbally abusing a tow lot employee was leaked online.

In the video, which has now been viewed millions of times online, the New Jersey-born reporter can be heard demeaningly criticizing the parking lot employee’s appearance, before condescendingly saying: “I’m on the television and you’re in a f*cking trailer honey.”

The scandalous tirade saw McHenry be suspended from ESPN for a week, despite a mass calling for the blonde bombshell to be sacked.

The Stetson University grad eventually got the karma she deserved when she was let go by ESPN in 2017 during a 100-person layoff. Since then, she’s contributed to the Fox News Channel, in a role similar to that of controversial Donald Trump supporter, Tomi Lahren.